On Your Feet Coaching
Business Building Program*
Lay Your Mental Foundation

• Make a powerful decision that will change your life forever
• Build your belief and confidence so that you overcome fear and take action
• Identify your purpose and create a vision which pulls you toward your dreams
• Learn to work the Laws of Biblical Success in your business.

Learn and Execute The Three Key Marketing Principles

• Identify your target market so that your marketing is focused and powerful
• Carve out a specialized niche to distinguish yourself from the competition
• Create your unique methodology program to enjoy passive income

Create an Effective Ongoing Marketing System

• Learn exactly how to execute proven proactive marketing strategies
• Actively funnel prospective clients to your website and other passive platforms
• Devise and implement crucial database marketing strategies

Master the Sales Process for Optimal Client Conversion

• Learn the guaranteed method to have prospective clients want you to sell them
• Customize our proven sales system to fit your particular style
• Execute the five-step sales process for superior results

Overcome Objections and Close the Sale

• Learn what every single objection is and how exactly to overcome them
• Enjoy people actually asking you if you will accept them as clients
• Master the art of coaching to objections, vs. “hard selling”

Set Your Fees For Maximum Exposure

Implement the “three-tier” system guaranteed to appeal to everyone
• Overcome your personal fears of making big bucks and charging what you are worth
• Create new services that are five times as valuable as what you currently offer

In addition to the core modules noted above, the On Your Feet Coaching Business Building System includes coaching and training on how to:

• Use Speaking to Grow Your Business
• Form Powerful Strategic Alliances
• Conduct Effective Grassroots Marketing
• Use Networking More Effectively
• Use An E-Zine to Grow Your Business
• Get the Most from Your Website
• Generate More Referrals

*This program is customized according to if you offering professional services or are retailing products.

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