1. Have you decided to step out completely in faith to start a business? Do you feel a definite calling?

2. Do you often wonder if you are being spiritually led or emotionally led in your business?

3. Does the idea of sitting down to write a business plan make you weary?  Are you looking for advanced spiritual business building skills that will allow you to easily attract more customers and make more money?

4. Have you been in business less than two years and wonder if your business will make it to next year?

5. Do you want to expand your business but are unclear about whether it is the right thing to do?

If you answered "yes" to two or more of these questions, then you are faithpreneur.  It is critical that an entrepreneur who has stepped out in faith to start a business or is operating a business in faith receive support from someone who understands the faith walk, yet is trained in spiritual business building skills that will help attract more clients and make more money.

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs go from ambiguity to clarity and from struggle to victory so they may live the prosperous life they deserve. Call me at 804-363-5721 for a complimentary coaching consultation and for more information on my proven six-point business building  system for success. You may also be interested in business intercessory services. You owe it to yourself to live a life of CERTAINTY and within God's SOVEREIGNTY.  Call me today!

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